Monthly Archives: July 2010

July Update – The Next Generation

As always, summer seems to slip by faster than expected, and this year it’s not only the shortening days that remind Colin and me of approaching fall, but also my growing belly. I admit I have been eating my share (and more) at BBQ cookouts but that is not the...
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Partnering with Sundog Eyewear

One of the things we’ve learned after spending months at a time in a small boat is just how important eyewear is.  Good sunglasses not only provide comfort and protection from harmful UV radiation, but also enhance vision by cutting glare and exposing hazards under the surface.  For this reason...
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New Rowboat Launched

We’ve designed and built our newest rowboat, the Cambridge Racer. As you may have guessed from its name, this boat follows the lines of traditional rowing sculls, and is designed for speed. The 39 lb (17.5 kg) vessel is constructed from marine Okoume plywood, epoxy and fibreglass. Attributes incorporated to...
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