Monthly Archives: February 2011

The An-Tiki Expedition

How would you celebrate your 85th birthday? If you’re Anthony Smith of London England, you’d decide to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a raft. Anthony first dreamed up this journey more than half a century ago, but it wasn’t until recent years that he decided he’d better get going. He...
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Amazon River show and film tour

This April we’re showcasing a brand new show on Colin’s Amazon River Expedition as a fundraiser for our upcoming Olive Odyssey expedition. This is a rare opportunity to hear Colin share his experience on becoming the first team to voyage the entire length of the Amazon River by raft and...
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February Update – Tropical Training

Our next big adventure, spending three months exploring the Mediterranean in a small boat to learn about the origins of the olive, commences in exactly five months. With the prospect of having little Leif along for this journey (he’ll be nine months old when we begin), we thought it prudent...
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