Monthly Archives: December 2012

Family Fundraiser Frozen

In a day and a half we raised $2,500 for my family in Syria!  It was an incredible outpouring of support and we’re so grateful.  Then our campaign was frozen.  The site that we used to host it, Indiegogo, said our campaign might be against US OFAC (Office of Foreign...
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Help my Family in Syria

We’ve started a fundraising campaign to help my family in Syria.  It’s been online for just over 12 hours and we’ve already raised over $1,600!  We’re so grateful for the outpouring of kindness and generosity.  Thank you!  Please help spread the word and find out more online. Jasmine, Essam and Anna lve...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We’d like to raise a glass of eggnog or glühwein or wassail for you Brits, and wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. This year we’re celebrating a quiet Christmas at home.  Our tree is decorated, the lights are up, and Leif even helped bake gingerbread...
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