Adventurer’s Handbook

Welcome to the Adventurer’s Handbook. It is not always easy finding information when you’re planning an unusual adventure. Here you will find an assortment of information that Julie and Colin have gathered over the years. If you want to row across an ocean, sail around the world on a budget, or cycle through deepest Siberia, you’ll find useful information here.


R2AK Records

R2Ak records




Ocean Rowing

Crossing an ocean in a rowboat is a sport that requires specialized equipment and knowledge.




Cycle Touring

Touring the world or your backyard by bicycle can be an incredible experience.




Bicycle Trailers

Using a trailer opens up a lot of possibilities for long distance or local travel, and choosing the right one is just as important.




About Global Circumnavigations

A comprehensive guide to various circumnavigation definitions.




Cold Weather/Winter Cycling

Even minus 100 degrees Celsius is not too cold for your bike – if you prepare.




Crossing the Bering Strait and Beringian Gap

It is easy, when looking at a globe of the earth, to become captivated by the narrow gap separating North America and Siberia. At its narrowest point, the Bering Strait is only 85 km across, beckoning explorers to try crossing its icy waters – yet the political and geographical hurdles are formidable.



Yenisey River

The 5,550 km Yenisey (also Yenisei) flows through Mongolia and Siberia, and is the fifth longest river in the world. It meanders through a range of landscapes including Mongolian steppe, canyons, taiga and tundra. Its headwaters form on the flanks of Otgon Tenger, a sacred 13,000 foot mountain in central Mongolia, and it terminates at the Arctic Ocean at 70 degrees north.



Amazon River

The Amazon is the largest river by volume and contains 20% of the world’s fresh water supply. At 6,275 km in length it is the world’s second longest river. It begins 200 km from the west coast of South America at almost 18,000 feet and winds its way to the other side of the continent exiting into the Atlantic Ocean.



The Broken Islands

The Broken Island group is located off the West Coast of Vancouver Island and is part of the Pacific Rim National Park. This undeveloped cluster of almost 100 islets and rocky outcrops offers a unique West Coast experience ideal for canoeing, kayaking or rowing.



Arctic Survival

Surviving in temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius depends on more than just staying warm. The physical properties of many substances change in low temperatures, and it is essential to prepare for these occurrences.



Touring Rowboats

The major advantage of rowing is that it allows usage of the larger muscles in our body (back, and, with sliding seat, legs). An individual can generate more driving force with a set of oars than with paddles. This is advantageous when large loads are being transported through the water, the boat is of greater size, or maximum speed is required.