Big impact, small price

What have you recently bought that has made a big impact in your life?  These are not big-ticket items but small things that really matter.  Here are three recent purchases that I really appreciate.

One. New ear buds.  I like jogged to music or podcasts, but my ear buds are always falling out of my ears.  I’ve tried a few different types but nothing seems to work for me.  I don’t know if it’s the funny shape of my ears or if I just bounce too much when I jog.  Finally, I bought a pair of Pioneer SE-E721-K Fully Enclosed Sports Earphones based on some on-line reviews. The ear bud fits well and has a swivel hinge that allows me to further adjust the fit, and the hanger wraps around my ear helping keep it all in place.  It’s so nice to run without having to constantly fidget with my ear buds and at $30, it was well worth it.

Two. Tim Ferris podcast.  Tim Ferris is the author of the 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body, and has recently gotten into podcasting.  He interviews people at the top of their game, from Malcolm Gladwell to Seth Godin, and dissects what makes them successful.  What makes his podcasts unique is that they’re long; an interview usually is at least 1 hour and more often closer to 2. I’d like to claim credit for discovering these podcasts, but some 70 million of them have already been downloaded so it’s fair to say they’re well received.  Plus, they’re free.

Three.  Kindle.  I had been holding out getting an e-reader. I love the tactile feel of books, that I can take them in the bath or to the beach.  But finally I had to see what all the fuss was about and I bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  I love it.  In the first 2 weeks after buying it, I already read 3 books.  It made reading so much easier.  First, it’s small, so I can always carry it with me and when I have some extra time, I read a few more pages.  Second, it lets me have a world of books at my fingertips.  Whenever I am curious about a book, I download a free sample chapter.  If I like it, I can buy the whole book at a lower price than what the physical book costs.  Third, it lets me take notes within the book.  Whenever I come across a passage that moves me, I highlight it so it can be easily found in the future.  As a writer, I feel almost embarrassed that it has taken me so long to embrace e-readers.  I’ve discovered that for me they are not a replacement to physical books but a supplement that allows me to experience and enjoy reading in a slightly different way.  The basic Kindle is $80, but I splurged and got the backlit version, which is $140.

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