Rowed Trip

From Scotland to Syria by Oar


Category: Travel – Adventure
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Pub Date: September 29, 2009
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 978-0-385-66633-6 (0-385-66633-0)

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Two bestselling authors combine their strengths in a travelogue, a search for roots, a romance — and a seat-of-your-pants adventure.

One sunny day in 2006, Julie and Colin Angus were talking about the future, as newly engaged couples do. More unusually, they were at the time travelling together from Moscow to Vancouver by human power — boat, bike, and foot.

That day, they were examining a road atlas and in particular the labyrinth of European inland waterways it revealed. Julie traced a route of interconnected canals, rivers, and coastlines that led from Colin’s parents’ homeland of Scotland past her mother’s homeland, Germany, and on to her father’s, Syria. She said, half-seriously: We could row (yes, row, as in propelling a tippy little boat on a pond) all the way from Scotland to Syria to visit our relatives. It was a reckless sort of joke to make, given the couple’s addiction to adventure. The result is Rowed Trip, an odyssey by oar (and bike) from Caithness, Scotland, across the English Channel, through France, across the Rhine, the Main-Donau Canal to the Danube, the Black Sea, the Bosphorous Straits, and the Mediterranean. Julie and Colin each describe how the trip allowed them to test their relationship, to explore their roots, and to indulge to the max their shared taste for adventure.




“… a delightful and stirring account of their 7,200-kilometre, seven-month rowboat-and-bicycle journey from Scotland to Syria.”
– Ottawa Citizen, Nov 18, 2009


“An incredible way to experience two continents, and a solid read..”
– Mountain Life, Fall 2009



Rowed Trip


Connecting Scotland and Syria with a human-powered voyage also has a personal significance for the team. In an age where globalization and cultural integration is the norm, it enabled the duo to reflect on their origins and unravel the events that led to their union in western Canada. 57 Minutes