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Nobody’s River – Paddling Siberia’s Amur River

Four women have just begun an expedition to paddle the entire length of southern Siberia’s Amur River, the world’s tenth longest river and third longest free-flowing river.  Their project, Nobody’s River, will also document the unique ecosystem through scientific data collection and the production of a documentary. Sabra, Becca, Amber...
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Sarah Outen Rowing the Pacific

We’ve been following Sarah Outen’s human-powered journey around the world, London 2 London Via The World, since she began over two years ago from her home in London, England.  After cycling and kayaking 18,000 km she reached Choshi Japan and began her epic row across the Pacific Ocean.  Tropical Storm...
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The An-Tiki Expedition

How would you celebrate your 85th birthday? If you’re Anthony Smith of London England, you’d decide to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a raft. Anthony first dreamed up this journey more than half a century ago, but it wasn’t until recent years that he decided he’d better get going. He...
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