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R2AK – The Finish Line

13 days 1 hour and 59 minutes.  That’s how long it took Colin to row and sail from Victoria to Ketchikan in the RowCruiser.  Today at 12:59 AKDT he rowed up to the finish line in Ketchikan.  It was a fantastic moment that Race to Alaska streamed live on their...
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R2AK Day 12 – Soggy Slog

Colin finally got out of the Grenville Channel.  Yesterday he had 20 knot winds against him so he had to pull into an anchorage early and this morning the current and winds were still against him.  Finally, when the current slackened in the late morning he left his shelter and...
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R2AK Day 10 – Tailwinds and currents

Colin’s spent the day weaving his way through a maze of islands and inlets.  He was up with the sun once again and is just anchoring now.  He’s had moderate tailwinds and a reasonable current, allowing him to make steady progress. Although Colin’s out of cell phone reception right now,...
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