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How to choose a powerful keynote speech topic for your event.

keynote speech topic is customized to clientChoosing the right keynote speech topic is crucial to the success of your event. We will work with you to create a personalized presentation that draws on our powerful storytelling and key messaging.

Creating a powerful presentation and honing the keynote speech topic is a collaborative process that is greatly benefited by information you provide. Keynote speakers need to understand who your audience is, what the overall event theme is, and what kind of a lasting impact you want your audience to leave with.

Our presentations use gorgeous photography and gripping video, audience participation and phenomenal storytelling to create a unique and memorable experience. The stories and lessons are drawn from our experiences preparing and executing our expeditions, which include circumnavigation the world by human power, rowing across Europe and into the Middle East, leading a National Geographic expedition to research the olive tree, and others.

We specialize in keynote speeches that deliver these messages:

  • achieving big goals
  • overcoming challenges
  • dealing with change
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • environmental stewardship
  • inspiring stories
  • entertaining & uplifting

Keynote Speech Topics

We offer 3 main keynote speech topics to choose from.  Each of these will be customized to address the needs and focus of your event.  All presentations can be delivered by either Julie or Colin or both.

1. Rowboat In A Hurricane: Dealing with Change and Unexpected Setbacks

Imagine surviving a hurricane with nothing more than a rowboat to shelter you. When Julie and Colin set off on a quest to become the first to row across the Atlantic from mainland Europe to mainland North America this was not what they anticipated. But soon they realized that to succeed they’d not only need to deal with adversity and uncertainly, but embrace it and use it as an opportunity to grow and prosper. Julie and Colin share techniques to deal with changing environments including altering our perception, preparing for the unexpected, assessing risks, and improving communication.

2. Office in a Rowboat: Taking Teamwork to the Extreme

Julie and Colin deliver an engaging and entertaining account of the two years they spent circumnavigating the globe by human power, focusing on strategies they used to foster teamwork. It doesn’t get more stressful than living, eating, and working within the confines of a rowboat for months on end and this dynamic duo will share their strategies for fostering harmonious and productive dynamics. They dissect the essential components of effective teamwork including conflict resolution, motivation and communication.

3. Rowing Across the Atlantic: Strategies to Reach Your Goals

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean seemed impossible at times, yet through goal setting, managing risk, perseverance and dealing with the unexpected, including two hurricanes, Julie and Colin crossed 10,000 km of open ocean. By juxtaposing the difficulties they faced to the challenges in our business and personal lives, Colin and Julie offer an insightful and entertaining perspective on how to overcome our fears, learn more about ourselves, and set goals that help us reach our ambitions.

Watch Julie and Colin speak

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