More than halfway there

Steve and Colin went through five-finger rapids this morning around 4:30 am, and are way past the halfway mark now.  They’ve covered 400 km in 31 hours and only have another 310 km to go.  Yeah!!!

I haven’t spoken to Colin since they left as there is no cell phone reception along the river, but following their progress in real time makes me feel like I’m there.  Well almost – minus all the work, lack of sleep, cramped quarters.  Click here to see the tracker of where they are right now.

Another fun event to follow is the Yukon River Quest, which is the paddling race from Whitehorse to Dawson City (sadly no rowboats allowed) that started yesterday.  You can see a live tracker of all the boats, which includes everything from 8-man voyageur canoes to solo kayakers.  The race started yesterday at noon and except for two mandatory rest periods of 5 hours each is non-stop. A lot of hardcore paddlers in the Yukon right now!

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