R2AK Day 4 – More Rowing

The winds were light today and Colin rowed for most of the day.  It’s been a tough day because of all the rowing, hot weather and he was running low on water.  Usually Colin goes through 6 litres of water a day, but today he had to ration his water until he refilled in Campbell River.

Colin is now at the mouth of Seymour Narrows, anchored in a little bay.  I even got to see him approaching thanks to a photo sent by Daphne Stuart. However, when he reached the narrow passage, the waters were already turbulent and a log barge was coming through, making it too difficult for him to pass.

Now he has to wait for slack tide to go through.  That could be in the middle of the night or tomorrow in the early afternoon.  It all depends on the conditions he said to me. I worry about him rowing through Seymour Narrows in the night, but I know how capable he is and that he will make the right decision based on the circumstances.  Despite the challenges, he is making great progress and even passed a couple big boats today. Go Colin go!

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3 Comments to “R2AK Day 4 – More Rowing”

  1. George Nicholson says:

    Way to go, Colin – be safe!

  2. Vince Fairleigh says:

    Is colin filming this race? It would be a great presentation.

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