R2AK Day 5 – Into the Johnstone Strait

The first boat reached the R2AK finish line today.  Mad Dog Racing, a 32’ catamaran crossed the finish line just after 7 am this morning, completing the 720-mile race in just under 4 days.  Amazing.  The second place finisher hasn’t even reached Ketchikan yet.  Mad Dog definitely deserves the $10,000 prize.

Colin is still doing well and maintaining a 30 mile lead over the nearest small boat. He went through Seymour Narrows at just after 1 am this morning when the tide was slack. He said the conditions were rough with waves and wind and it was a struggle to make any progress, but he kept at it until 5 am when he finally reached a sheltered spot he could pull into and rest.  He continued on in the Johnstone Strait in the early afternoon and is still going.  The sun has already set as I write this and I don’t know how much longer he’s planning on going for.

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  1. Roger Harvey says:

    Way to go Colin, you have a great lead, we’re ‘rootin’ for you!

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