Sarah Outen Rowing the Pacific

We’ve been following Sarah Outen’s human-powered journey around the world, London 2 London Via The World, since she began over two years ago from her home in London, England.  After cycling and kayaking 18,000 km she reached Choshi Japan and began her epic row across the Pacific Ocean.  Tropical Storm Mawar cut short that dream.  Her boat rolled again and again and she had to be rescued, losing her rowboat in the process.

Instead of quitting, as many might have been tempted to, she regrouped.  She had a new boat built and spent nine months training and preparing for a second attempt.

Seventeen days ago she left Japan and she’s been slowly making her way to Canada. Sarah has now rowed over 700 miles and has passed the point she reached in her last attempt.

The winds aren’t in her favour at the moment and she’s put out her sea anchor to stop losing ground.  Instead of battling headwinds today, she took a rest day, did laundry and caught up on things, ‘general pottering’ as she calls it. “It always amazes me how long I potter and tinker on such a tiny boat – there is always something to do,“ she wrote in her blog.

We wish her good weather and look forward to seeing her arrive in Canada in a few months time.  She’s still got a long journey ahead of her after that, but crossing the Pacific is a huge achievement and undoubtedly one of the biggest hurdles in her expedition.

Get a taste for Sarah’s extraordinary journey by checking out her website.  She writes in her blog nearly every day, posts photos and sends phone casts.  It’s amazing how connected you can be despite being in the middle of the ocean, and it’s fun living that life vicariously.

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