Start of the Yukon River Row

Steve and Colin left at 2 am this morning from Whitehorse and are making steady progress. From their satellite tracker I can see that they’ve been rowing nonstop and have travelled about 60 km in 7 hours.  They are now halfway up Lake Laberge, which can get very windy and choppy, and is one of the big challenges in this journey.

When I spoke to Colin last night he said they were excited and ready to go.  The boat was all packed and Colin was getting ready to spent the night in the boat, a very short night given their early departure. I’m happy to see it looks like their departure went smoothly and I’ll keep you posted as I get updates.

You can also follow their route on their satellite tracker .

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  1. Don Dwulit says:

    Following your progress with lots of interest. I wish I was up there talking photographs of your journey. Can’t wait to have a chat over the back fence about the trip and looking forward to seeing any photos that you may have taken.
    Row hard, Sleep well, and most of all enjoy.

    Positive thoughts.

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