Wall Street Journal Gives “Olive Odyssey” Thumbs Up

It was a little intimidating for us when we heard the Wall Street Journalwallstreetjournal was running a two-third page review in the weekend edition on Julie’s latest book, Olive Odyssey.  It is, after all, the number one selling paper in the USA and a full page ad costs $210,000.  Marketing experts say that the value of editorial is 3X that of paid advertising, but of course, that is only if it is positive.  A negative review would be devastating for book sales.

Well, we were extremely excited to learn it was very positive.  Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal,

“But if anyone is qualified to wring travail and adventure out of these unreasonably glamorous locales, it is Julie Angus. She was the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland (in hurricane season, no less). And she is trained as a molecular biologist, so she has got the scientific acumen to decipher the nuances of the olive genome and to explain why one sort of DNA is more reliable than another for studying tree genetics.”

The Vancouver Sun (also printed in other Canwest papers across Canada) also gave a fantastic review which you can read here –An Ode to the Olive.

Julie is currently doing a limited book tour in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  With the other big release (a new baby) pending, she will be resuming a more comprehensive tour in the fall.  She also reports she is eating lots of olives.


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  1. Steve Price says:

    Many Congrats! The WSJ, the best paper in the world!

  2. Congratulations!
    This is exciting news and definitely a great endorsement of your work.
    Best of luck to the two of you with the upcoming endeavours, to say the least!

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