Yukon RIver Row Completed!!

Steve and Colin rowed into Dawson City this morning at 5 am!

When I spoke with Colin this morning, he sounded tired but pleased with their journey.  He said the boat handled really well and that both he and Steve are in good shape and spirits, albeit a little sleep deprived.

The biggest challenge came on Lake Laberge, where they faced strong headwinds and waves crashing into their boat.  They almost had to pull off but their rate of bailing was just enough to keep up and they continued without going to shore.  Another challenge they faced was finding the best current especially when the river braided and broke off into channels.  Because you’re facing backwards when rowing it makes reading the river more difficult.

The guys are already on their way back, and after their endurance row they have a less-fun epic drive back to Vancouver with the boat on the roof.  Colin should be back by Monday and will no doubt give a more detailed version of what rowing the Yukon River is like, as well as some photos.

Thanks for all your emails and encouragements!

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